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We are TLeggings.

Our mission is to sell the best quality products at the most affordable prices.

We care for our customers and want what is best for you.

Most high-end leggings can easily cost you anywhere from $70 to even over $100. Eclat is one of the suppliers where Lululemon, Nike, and Underarmor all get their premium fabrics. Do you know how much Eclat charges for their fabrics? They charge $5-$10 per yard of their fabric. It only takes 1 to 1 1/2 yards of fabric to make one pair of leggings. Which means the $100 leggings that you just bought costed no more than $15 to make.

At this point you're probably thinking that it's the labor that makes the price higher. After doing some research, we discovered the labor cost per legging is only $5. Which means, the cost of fabric and labor combined was only $20. After discovering this information we decided to start our own company to share with you the same quality for on a fraction of the price.

Our products are made with quality fabric that is designed to last, features 4 way stretching, wicks sweat, and are not see through. They are designed to fit you and your lifestyle.

The "T" in leggings stands for "truth" and that's exactly what we're giving you.


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