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70% Off for Post

Get 70% off by posting about our products online!

No shipping charges. No hidden fees. No strings attached. Unlimited, get as many products as you like as often as you like.

At 70% off, we are giving away $55 premium leggings for only $17. Why are we doing this? Because we know that you will love our products, so you will be our best advertisers.

Post Examples


How it works?

Shop. Add to Cart. Checkout.

On the checkout page, check "Get 70% off for Post". Then you only pay 30% of the regular price, and we'll take your order and deliver.

After order delivery, make your posts. Your posting deadline is 30 days after the order delivery date.

Submit your posts from your orders page. We'll check your posts. If they meet our requirements, we'll close the order without additional charge. Otherwise, we'll charge the remaining balance on the deadline date.

We may pause the program at any time.

Posting Requirements

You can post on social media, blog, website or forum as long as they meet our requirements. Our requirements are simple and non-biased. We may ask you to post again if your post doesn't meet our requirements.

We may use your post content on our website. If you don't write a review for a purchased product, we may generate a review for you from your post content.


  1. Use your main Instagram account with at least 50 real followers. No secondary accounts such as your spam/finsta/pet/closet accounts. No newly created accounts made just for getting the deal.
  2. Follow @tleggings. Private accounts are okay as long as you follow us and allow us to follow you to see your posts.
  3. You must post photos of every product/color combination in your order. These can be in slides or in regular posts. You can combine all photos into one post or split them into multiple posts, the choice is yours.
  4. Your caption must include "@tleggings" in the first sentence.
  5. Tag your photo @tleggings.
  6. Your captions must include the name and a brief review of each product in the photos in the post.
  7. Your photos must be you wearing the products and must show the full product.
  8. When finished, visit your orders page to submit posts for our review. You are responsible for submitting posts before deadline, or you will be charged.
  9. Keep your posts on your Instagram feed for at least 30 days. They should be real posts, not stories.

Twitter or other sites

  1. You must post about every product/color combination in your order. You can combine all products into one post or split them into multiple posts, the choice is yours.
  2. Your posts must include the name and a brief review of each product.
  3. You must include links to the products you bought in your posts. Visit your orders page and click on the link for submitting your posts. There you will find the URLs that you need to post. You are responsible for submitting posts before deadline, or you will be charged.
  4. Keep your posts up for at least 30 days.


Your posting deadline is 30 days after delivery date.

You don't need to worry about the posting deadline if you haven't received your order yet. When your order has been delivered, your deadline will be shown on your orders page.

If needed, you can extend your deadline.

We'd much prefer to see you posting than getting charged. So if you are busy and can't post, you can extend your deadline by 2 weeks, and you can extend it for as many times as you need to. Starting seven days before your deadline, you will find a link to extend your deadline on your orders page. Just click that link and you will extend your deadline by 2 weeks.

How is this deal possible?

Give and take!

We are giving you this great deal because we believe in the quality of our products and we believe in you. We can sustain this deal because your posting is our marketing. You are our advertisers and this is our advertising. You give us great advertising and we give you a great deal.

If you like our products, enjoy this deal and post. But if you don't like our products, return them back to us using our included return bag and prepaid shipping label. You will get a full refund, no posting needed, no questions asked.

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